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Business Software to help manage your valuable resources.

Design Soft
Billing and Time Sheet Manager systems

Shift Schedules
Shift Schedules provides Excel spreadsheets for scheduling your employees to work shifts or tasks.

Scheduling, TimeAttendance Software & Timeclocks
Rostering, Scheduling, TimeAttendance and Award Interpretation software , timeclocks

Projectix - Applicant Tracking Software
Projectix delivers global talent management and applicant tracking software to enterprises around the globe. Highly configurable, adaptable and scalable, Projectix provides the tools your organization needs to streamline its staffing workflow and optimize its talent acquisition strategy.

Midori Media
Midori Media is an Australian based company, specialising in developing, marketing and supporting innovative Software Solutions. Our Software Titles are designed to increase productivity by automating time consuming and repetitive tasks.

The eTest online testing system was created and validated by licensed psychologists for the sole purpose of helping managers make the right hiring decisions. The test consists of quick measures of problem-solving ability and a personality inventory developed specifically for business applications.

Time & Attendance / Flexitime Solutions for Ireland & the UK
ClockWise Time & Attendance/Flexitime from Softworks is one of the most powerful tools available for recording and analysing hours worked. ClockWise allows you build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexi-balances, rostering and holiday leave.

Scheduling, TimeAttendance Software & Timeclocks
Rostering, Scheduling, TimeAttendance and Award Interpretation software , timeclocks.

A fully integrated web based software suite for expense reporting, issue tracking, project management, and timesheet reporting.

Project Perfect
Creative yet Pragmatic Software, Consulting and Training for Project Managers.

CORT Directions HRMS
Payroll, HR and Self Service Solutions

Staff Files HR Software
The easy way to manage employee records. Track sick and vacation time, training and certifications, performance reviews, wages, benefits, and more!

Project Management/Time Tracking
Projistics is web-based collaboration and time tracking software, which helps in managing entire project lifecycle and tracking time, by facilitating collaboration in distributed teams.

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