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Biometric time and attendance software systems are revolutionizing the world of time keeping and payroll processing. Gone are the card readers, time cards, manual calculations of time and attendance, and gone is the ability for workers to cheat and earn money when they are not actually at work.

Picture this - the employee arrives at work and does not have to dig through a briefcase or purse to produce a badge that has to be slid through a badge reader before he or she can enter the premises and begin doing a job. No numbers have to be punched into a keypad strategically located at the buildings entryway either. Instead, the employee walks through the door, approaches the electronic reader and inserts his or her hand. Within a second, the employee is processed into the facility, the start time is logged into the database, and the employee proceeds to his or her work station and begins working. And, thats all it takes.

Prior to that point, there is some input to the biometric device, of course. A template has to be made of the employees handprint and stored in the system for recognition purposes. The template is generated not from x-rays, but from numerous discrete measurements made by the device - so many measurements, in fact, that each template is unique to that employee and cant be duplicated by anyone else.

Biometric time clock systems are not difficult to acquire or difficult to install. There are a number of them on the market, containing a variety of features. Many of them run on a Windows platform, which is already generally available and operational. Some run on individual PCs, in which case they have to be installed on all relevant PCs, and others are configured to run on a local area network. Other common requirements include modems and telephone lines, interface cards, TCP/IP protocols, compatible printers, and a number of other devices already installed in most offices.

A typical system that may cost somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 can result in nearly immediate savings to most companies through the associated timekeeping and payroll costs that are eliminated. Costly items like unauthorized overtime, buddy punching, and payroll processing errors more than make up for the actual cost of the software, providing a quick and easy return on investment for most companies.

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