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When a company decides to improve its approach to tracking employee time and attendance, it goes looking for the right software solution and vendors had better be prepared to provide it. In the past few years, workforce management has been literally transformed by time and attendance solutions that track how much time employees spend on the job and translate it to various reports that are of great benefit to most employers.

The software manufacturers perspective on time and attendance software is somewhat different that an employers perspective. Software developers have been in the forefront of the movement that has revolutionized company payrolls. In addition to basic functions, items like labor distribution, access control, and scheduling solutions have become the latest technology in the workplace.

The Internet and wireless technologies are rapidly entering into the equation. Software manufacturers, in addition to building software, have to make certain that their solutions integrate with hardware manufactured by other vendors. In order to sell complete solutions, the software manufacturer has to partner with a hardware vendor, and that means finding a company that shares basic philosophies and goals. It is the hardware vendor that produces data collection products and those need to be able to handle huge transaction volumes.

It is the amalgam of hardware and software that produces unique solution sets that are most appealing on the market. For example, one company produces biometric time and attendance solutions that are not hardwired to the wall at a buildings entry point, but can be moved to wherever they are needed at a particular time. The terminals are hung on the wall like a picture and can be removed and re-hung at any location the company desires. If an organization has multiple entry points that might be used at different times, or if it is in a state of remodeling or moving, a movable monitoring system can be especially workable.

Accuracy and the ability to always be online are other features that must be incorporated into a complete time and attendance solution in order to attract corporate customers and keep them happy once the system is purchased. Sometimes hundreds or even thousands of employees are using the same system, generating thousands of data transactions per hour. If the system is not available, cant process enough information, or periodically breaks down, the ramifications can be costly and time consuming. In that case,the user is unlikely to be a satisfied customer.

Further, the transaction pressure on a time and attendance tracking system experiences huge fluctuations and spikes during the course of the average work day. In the morning when employees are arriving at work and in the evening when they are leaving are peak times that place enormous pressures on the system and require the ability to process thousands of transactions almost simultaneously. If a system cant handle the volume at these critical time intervals, the customer probably wont be satisfied with it.

The perspective of the software manufacturer tends to focus on customer satisfaction with a given system and on engineering the system to be as error free as possible. That involves making certain that software and hardware integrate and are compatible with one another.

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