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Time Attendance Software Deployment

The method of deployment is particularly critical when choosing a time and attendance software package. Timesheet software touches nearly all employees in a business and the costs of implementing it can therefore be substantial. Choosing the best method of deployment for a particular business can save money in the long run.

The traditional means of deployment has been a Windows approach, and there are advantages to that method. However, there are also some particular challenging difficulties, inherent in the nature of wide distribution. When using Windows, the software has to be installed on each desktop, which requires significant administrative time. And, it is time that must be repeated each time there is a software change. Technology managers have come to realize that conflicts between software systems occur fairly frequently with Windows based systems. Installation of a new package can disable other applications. Disk space is an issue as well, when the system has to be installed on every machine, since an additional database layer must be installed on each desktop. That can also affect the softwares scalability.

Web-based deployments negate many of the Windows based issues. Users access the software through their Internet browser, so it does not require multiple installations, and one browser or another comes standard with each desktop. A multi-threaded design is used on the server side to maximize performance. An application server and database connection pooling permit the high level scalability necessary to support up to thousands of users. On the client side, the component handles only data presentation and a user interface. No database software has to be installed for proper execution.

The key to whether a Windows design or a web-based design is best for an individual business, becomes size. Smaller installations, consisting of 50 employees or less, may be best served by a Windows approach. Businesses with more than 50 employees, as a rule of thumb, are likely going to be better handled by a more robust web-based solution.

Generally if a company is anticipating exceptional growth, this company will need to anticipate and use a software solution that can accommodate this type of growth.

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