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Keeping track of thousands of employees spread over numerous work sites can create a logistical nightmare. In situations where employees are dispatched to various sites throughout the day, the problem is self evident. Add into the mix, the practice of buddy punching, where employees cheat conventional punch-in systems by covering for each others tardiness or absence, and companies stand to lose millions of dollars per year. Biometric time and attendance software systems virtually eliminate fraud, significantly reduce waste, and allow for more effective use of both financial and human resources.

Some companies have implemented systems that combine a token system (use of an ID badge) with a biometric system that reads finger geometry. When employees arrive at work, they swipe their ID badge through a bar code reader, then insert two fingers into a device that reads the ridges and whorls of their finger. The companys database is activated by swiping the card and the employees finger geometry readings are stored in the database. It doesnt matter which site a particular employee is assigned to for the day. The same system is used at each site and information is gathered in a central database.

In some temp agencies that have implemented time and attendance tracking software, the system is so sophisticated that, if an employee at a remote site doesnt show up for the day, the system notifies the service center where software immediately begins searching for a replacement. The employer doesnt even have to call to let the service center know that the employee hasnt arrived.

The new employee can clock in at the remote site without having to first report to the service center. His or her finger geometry is electronically relayed from the service center directly to the time clock at the remote site. The same type of technology ensures that employees report to the correct job. If they are at the wrong site, they cannot clock in because the system wont allow it. If mistakes are made, operations managers can override the system when necessary, because their badges and finger scans authorize them to do so.

The software system relays the number of hours worked by each employee to a central database at the end of each day, making the logistical difficulty of gathering the information much simpler. It is also possible to use the same system to make certain that the right person is getting the right payroll check, at a remote site.

Companies that provide temporary employees report that they have realized considerable cost savings through the use of time and attendance verification software. Data for payroll doesnt have to be entered manually, and time is saved by not having to perform manual searches for qualified workers. Paycheck adjustment, in cases where the employee disputes what the employer has reported on a timecard, have become much less complex and time consuming.

It is important for any company, but particularly for those that process thousands of time and attendance transactions per day, to make certain that any prospective system is scalable and works well with existing payroll and human resources software. Otherwise, the system may create more difficulties than it solves. However, in light of the cost savings to be realized from use of such a system, there is little doubt that they will become more and more prevalent over the next few years as companies move to reduce costs in any way possible.

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