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An interdepartmental approach to time tracking and security makes sense - one set of software, one set of computer terminals. Traditionally the two functions have been light years apart, not related and certainly not integrated. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that time and attendance tracking can operate at the convergence of a number of other processes and contribute to the increased efficiency of all of them.

The interdepartmental approach, for example, allows improved employee management techniques. Supervisors can see, in real time, where employees are by accessing their clock-in information. If one area is understaffed and another is overstaffed, employees can easily be moved to fit the need. Some systems notify the supervisor, via PDA, if an employee hasnt arrived at the designated time, or isnt on the job site. Workers who travel offsite can clock in through a wireless connection as they travel from job site to another.

Management can better track performance and productivity as a result of these technologies. The same information can be integrated with customer service, billing applications and other departmental functions that once operated entirely solo. The results are fewer data entry transactions and improved accuracy. Wireless devices can even make supervisors more productive, enabling them to access the system to complete tasks, track employee performance, and perform other remote functions even while they are traveling.

Biometric solutions and wireless technology are the keys to making all of the various systems work effectively together. Thus, infrastructure plays an important role in the whole package. With thousands of transactions being generated in short periods of time, most companies need at least an Ethernet network to effectively process all of the demand. Mobile workers must have access to consistent wireless solutions in order to stay connected.

Human resources costs can also be reduced using the capabilities of time and attendance software. Payroll processing can be automated, based on the information already gathered and stored in the database. Furthermore, employees can check their own data, for example regarding 401K contributions and balances or vacation schedules, on their own, reducing the HR workload. Annual review processes are streamlined by the time and attendance system, which can be configured to note exceptions based on business rules. If an employee, for example, can only be a certain number of minutes late on a certain number of occasions before triggering a file notation, the system automatically generates that information and the resulting report is virtually indisputable.

Company decision making can become a more thorough and intelligent process if the time and attendance system is configured to track employees and projects, thus generating production costs. The cost of producing a particular product can be calculated more closely. Further, management can gaina more accurate and timely picture of how resources are being allocated by integrating and organizing the data from the time and attendance solution.

Once the biometric data is collected, it can be used in a variety of ways and generate numerous reports that a company can use to understand its own business better. The optimal result is increased efficiency and decreased costs. Thats why investing in time and attendance software is generally viewed as cost effective and as providing a quick and complete return on investment in a fairly short time frame.

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