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Outdated systems for tracking time and attendance data can be nearly more trouble than they are worth. They do not provide the features necessary for many business applications, and they can be extremely costly to repair when something breaks. The alternatives are upgrading the old system or installing a completely new one. In many cases, older technology is DOS based and no longer supported by the vendor, which makes replacement the most cost effective alternative.

Companies that are contemplating new time and attendance systems, however, need to be cautious in their approach and investigate an array of possibilities before settling on the one to purchase. When nothing seems to fit business-specific needs, a pre-written software solution may not be the most workable choice. Many software vendors offer custom-designed software that addresses a buyers particular business needs and includes different features, requested by the buyer, that are not included in their off-the-shelf software suites.

For example, the needs of a trucking and delivery company may be vastly different than the needs of more stationary operations. Delivery drivers are on the road all day, every day. Numerous routes coupled with multiple depots further complicate the scenario. And, drivers make dozens of stops throughout their shift. Special software features like mileage and truck inventory, that are not part of most canned packages, may come into play.

Handheld solutions with wireless technology may provide the best option for this type of on-the-go, constantly shifting business, which demands efficiency in asset tracking, customer billing, customer service, and, most of all, product delivery. One solution developed for a trucking operation, combines all of the specialized features into one updated software solution.

The business owner had been struggling with an outdated DOS-based system that was costly to maintain and repair, and did not provide drivers with much of the information needed to make their jobs more effective. The mobile computing solution eliminated double data entry procedures, provided route drivers with significant data regarding inventory and other variables, and dramatically reduced maintenance and repair costs.

Drivers simply scan badges at the beginning and end of the day, which eliminated time-card punching and relayed information directly to the payroll department. Drivers carry hand-held devices that are integrated with a company database, enabling them to communicate at set times throughout the day with the main office. Orders are automatically downloaded into their handheld devices, eliminating double data entry. Drivers get a quicker start on their work day and have the capability to upload or download order information, inventory adjustments, and delivery data. All of the information gathered during the day is downloaded to the central office at days end, electronically updating inventory and delivery schedules.
In this particular case, the owner estimated that the costs of repair and maintenance on the old time and attendance tracking system were cut by about 75 percent, in addition to the updated features that make everyones job easier to perform. The addition of an accounts receivable feature and warehouse management solutions, all integrated through a wide area network, will further reduce paper costs and production errors.

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