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Time and attendance software is capable of maintaining meticulous records and calculating employee pay, benefit accruals, overtime hours and a host of other variables. But, what happens if a mistake is made on a time sheet or, worse yet, a mistake is discovered on a time sheet from a month or two months ago? What happens if the rules change and an employee that was subject to one level of benefits becomes eligible for another? What happens when recalculation is required?

The fact is that time sheets often contain errors submitted by employees or even by managers. Policy changes are made regularly - sometimes they are even effective retroactively. In those cases, and numerous others, time and pay rates have to be recalculated. The good news is that newer versions of time and attendance software are up to the task and allow for a variety of changes to be made.

Before software solutions reached their present level of sophistication, recalculations, particularly of prior pay periods, had to be completed manually and the nature of the pay adjustment determined. This system is error prone as well as time intensive. Accrual balances are often not adjusted accordingly to accompany pay readjustments.

Most time and attendance solutions perform pay and benefits calculations automatically, and are capable of handling even retroactive functions. In most cases, the changed time sheet is simply submitted and the system does the rest of the work. Differences between present and previous pay are accounted for and differences are posted to the next pay period.

In the case where a company policy changes and retroactive calculations must be applied to the timesheets and paychecks of large numbers of employees, the payroll department can simply change the policy rule dictated in the time and attendance software, then run the timesheets again. The system will automatically make corrections and account for all changes.

When recalculations are required, they need not take the kind of time that was previously necessary for corrections to be made. With an adequate time and attendance software system, the process is drastically simplified. Not only is payroll department time saved, but money is saved in the long run.

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