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Time and attendance software vendors fall into three primary classifications: time clock manufacturers, resellers, and time and attendance companies. Depending on what a particular company needs and what the uses will ultimately be, viable choices may be made from any of the three types of vendors. However, it is important to realize that there are different options available and to conduct a thorough investigation of the components and functions offered by each vendor before a purchasing decision is made.

In general, time clock manufacturers do exactly what the name implies - manufacture time clocks. In most cases, these types of manufacturers also sell their own hardware, while some have either developed software of their own that is compatible with their hardware, or they have allied themselves with other time and attendance software developers.

Resellers usually market both time clocks and time and attendance software, but are manufacturers of neither. They generally market a variety of software and time clock sources, rather than just one. Resellers generally do not supply support, but refer the buyer back to a manufacturer for that function.

Time and attendance software firms are those that specialize in time and attendance software, generally developing and supporting their own programs and enabling them to interface with time clocks manufactured separately. They provide system support and either sell their products directly to end users or through reselling companies.

There are a number of criteria to consider, no matter which type of company is selling the software. Purchasers want to make certain that the end product fits their needs as closely as possible. That can be accomplished by examining the features of the software carefully and making sure they are a good fit for the business doing the buying.

A good time and attendance tracking system is crucial. It should contain the desired features, be easy to use and be reliable as well as modifiable. Checking with other companies to determine what they use and how well it performs can be a good starting point for discussion.

Time clocks are often an essential part of the picture as well. Again, if other companies are using a particular type of time clock that has functioned reliably for them, they may be able to make recommendations about particular vendors. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the system needs to be flexible. Needs change and the time clock system must be capable of changing with them. It is helpful to know who will provide hardware support and how quickly the time clock system can be repaired in the case of malfunction.

Software support is also an important consideration. If the vendor is not extremely knowledgeable about the system being considered, another vendor is probably a good alternative. The vendor should be involved in the software setup and provide software support. Flexibility and the capability for modifications to meet specific needs are important considerations with software as well as hardware.

Last, but not least, costs are always an important factor in a system purchase. It is important to get a quote that includes all of the various costs for the features and services required, no matter how constrained or expanded those may be. his might include time clocks, timekeeping software, software modifications, database setup, hardware and software installation, and other less obvious items like employee badges and badge readers. And, it is not just the setup costs that may impact the purchase as a whole. Ongoing costs for support and maintenance are also factors.

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