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Many companies are realizing substantial savings by streamlining their operations and eliminating procedures that are conducive to erroneous or misleading information. Cutting edge companies have come to realize that the venerable time clock, as we currently know it, is obsolete and have replaced it with an automated time keeping system that utilizes biometrics. At first glance, some might consider biometric technology futuristic, but its really quite simple. Using biometrics in time keeping, an employee merely has to place his/her hand or thumb on a scanning unit that quickly reads the hand or thumb print by automatically taking a three dimensional reading of the size and shape. The users identification can thus be verified in under a second.

Once an employee is scanned, managers are easily able to verify several factors about an employee, such as attendance, sick or vacation time and overtime. If an employee has unused vacation, a simple use or lose memo can be sent to that persons supervisor. Managers can easily control individual employees collective time or overtime, used or unused vacation.

There are other benefits to be utilized from using biometrics with an automatic payroll system. The information is always up to date and accurate and is accessible from a local computer terminal. For example, supervision can verify such things as employee time or overtime, allowing for rapid adjustment of schedules if overtime must be kept at a minimum. Tracking of an employees time on and away from the job is a computer click away. Other benefits include statistics on an individuals wage and salary increases. Recurring problems like mathematical errors in hand computation are eliminated. Buddy punching (someone punching a friends timecard) is no longer a concern, thus assuring that an employee is paid for actual time on the job. Elimination of buddy punching can also have intangible benefits to a company, especially if promotions come from within. Some supervisors have a tendency to ignore minor breeches of rules such as continual tardiness on the part of favorite employees or friends, which could easily lead to charges of favoritism in the event of promotions or bonuses. Further, buddy punching can easily skew the actual cost of labor hours/productivity statistics, raising overhead.

Some benefits are perhaps not easily recognizable, such as federal and state withholding information. Literally hundreds of man-hours can be saved by automated systems with decreased concern of human error. Excess payments in taxes are eliminated because abuses like buddy punching are eiminated. The software allows accurate Federal and State deductions. Electronic storage requires less space than the traditional paper storage. Real savings can be realized in the reduction of not only the cost of physical storage areas required to keep such things as years of time cards or other paper files, but in the man hours required to maintain them.

Once the payroll information is electronically stored, the company may find it expedient to outsource payroll entirely, which may be beneficial to smaller companies, or they may wish to retain everything in house. Either way, using biometrics with an automated payroll system can facilitate cost savings for any company that wishes to streamline cost savings.

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