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Time tracking software, particularly that of the biometric variety, is fast, easy to use, substantially simplifies the business of tracking hours and computing payroll, and quickly pays for itself in terms of traditional costs that no longer apply.

Biometric time tracking systems are fast and easy because the employee who is entering the work premises no longer has to produce a badge or punch in a numerical code. Employees simply insert their hand into a reader which has been programmed to recognize the geometry of each hand and associate it with the proper employee. When the hand is inserted, the reader identifies the employee and transmits the data to a payroll database in the space of about one second. It is quick for the employee and easy for the employer.

In addition to ease of use, biometric time tracking systems are nearly foolproof. It is difficult to insert another persons hand into a reader when that person is not present, therefore, the practice of buddy punching (one worker checking in for another who is really not at work) can be eliminated. Accuracy is no longer an issue with time tracking software because in and out times, calculations of hours worked and benefits accrued, and differential pay rates are all recorded and tabulated electronically. There is very little room in such a system for human error and all of the calculations are made very rapidly. Hours of time intensive labor for both supervisor and payroll department employees can be saved, simply by installing a time tracking system.

Most time and attendance software systems also produce daily and weekly reports and statistics, saving the time traditionally spent by a person to prepare such reports. Those reports are produced in real-time, so that labor costs can be calculated on the spot. They can support multiple work locations, and multiple devices within one work location. Benefits like holiday and vacation pay are programmed into the system, so the manual workload is substantially reduced.

Many of the time tracking systems currently available on the market are operational on a Windows platform and run with several versions of Windows, ranging from Windows 95 up to XP or 2003. They require an IBM compatible CPU with a 300 MHZ Pentium or faster processor and 64 MB of RAM. If the hand readers are to be connected via Ethernet, a TCP/IP protocol has to be installed, but if the readers are directly connected a Serial COM port must be available. In the case of telephone line connected readers, a modem and phone line are required.

The point is that ost time and attendance systems are compatible with the hardware and software that is already available within most companies, so there are no additional hardware or software purchases that have to be made to run them.

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