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Effective web-based time and attendance tracking systems can be hard to find, particularly if a company wants specific features incorporated into the software to meet specific company needs. Locating a single company that provides both time clocks and software, and has a good service and installations record backed up with appropriate references, can be a challenge.

However, there are companies that use open systems with enterprise-wide access to data reporting. The purchaser simply has to keep looking until a suitable, compatible company is found.

Open systems allow employees to enter their time through a Web interface, view their time sheets and schedules for the current week and up to three weeks ahead and back, and view their vacation and sick leave balances online. Employees arriving at work simply swipe their time badges through a smart clock that displays the employees name for confirmation . If an employee attempts to swipe his or her card twice within a specified time period, the system simply beeps and wont record the transaction.

Large blocks of manual processing time, required in older systems for tracking time and attendance, can be eliminated when Web-based solutions are implemented. Paper reports, which often consisted of sheets with numerous carbon copies attached, are no longer necessary since everything is calculated and reported electronically. Considerable time and paper can be saved.

This type of system is appealing to both employees and supervisors. Employees are able to clock in with a minimum of fuss and bother. They are immediately alerted if they have already swiped their card once and attempt to do so again. There is no wondering if the system recognized them or not. And, all employee data is available online, so it can be readily accessed, when and where it is needed.

Supervisors also like electronic time and attendance tracking since they can find out immediately if an employee is on the job or not, without having to track the individual down on the production floor. It is also much quicker and easier, in the event the employee is absent from work, to locate a replacement and get that replacement up and running.

Locating a reputable company that provides both hardware and software solutions is just the beginning of getting a solution in place. Vendors who dont have good track records for support, or who will not provide references can immediately be eliminated from consideration. It is important to thoroughly examine any potential vendors, scrutinize their busines practices, ask them to prepare a written report that details the problems and their proposed solutions to them, and is prepared to spend time on the purchasers site helping to calibrate the system once it is installed.

When done right, time and attendance software solutions can provide significant services. They make life easier for employees and employers alike by allowing for Web-based access and record keeping. The trick is in finding the right solutions for the businesss unique needs and locating a vendor that can provide for the companys needs either through existing solutions or through custom configured ones.

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