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There are very few companies that dont need time and attendance software solutions. Almost any company with employees needs to set up some form of time and attendance soltuion. The fact remains, however, that many businesses dont have them, but that too is changing. Due to easier deployment, better and more centralized support, many companies are moving toward acquiring time and attendance software. It is a solution that does not just apply to large businesses in todays world. Small and mid-sized businesses are finding that time and attendance software applications can provide enough substantial benefits to justify the acquisition costs.

Thus, time and attendance software sales are increasing. The Internet, email and wireless devices like cell phones and personal digital assistants have brought about a revolution in technology. Feature sets included in time and attendance software, along with the add-on modules available, have produced sophisticated feature sets applicable to nearly any business on the planet.

Ease of installation is one of the attributes that makes Internet based time and attendance solutions more desirable than previous solutions. They are not only easier to install, but easier to deploy and easier to support. Centralized support for the systems has made a great difference in the desire of companies to own them. These types of solutions are especially valuable for companies that have more than one location or facility, or that move employees from place to place. Companies that outsource employees, such as temporary help agencies, derive additional and unique benefits from time and attendance software packages.

Another change in the software from just a few years ago lies in where it is processed. Centralized processing was the norm prior to the 1980s when distributed processing became the dominant model. The trend at present is back to centralized processing. This trend, coupled with the availability of low cost hardware has helped to greatly improve time tracking software and time tracking systems.

One fear that prevents many companies from using Internet based systems is fear of having unwanted parties gain access to information while it is being transmitted. That concern is certantly a very real one. Any company setting up these types of systems needs to make sure that the data is stored and transmitted in a secure and reliable way.

Even time clocks dont have to be hardwired with modern technology. Some time clocks are modular, meaning that they can be moved from plce to place and simply hung on a wall. Companies can deploy them in areas where they are most needed at any given time. Even hand held data devices can be configured for use as time clocks and to transfer information back and forth at specified points during the day, all with wireless technology.

There are a number of considerations for those who are considering purchasing a time and attendance solution. First, it is necessary to make certain that the platforms are consistent from application to application. Systems that need to work together for maximum efficiency must be integrated and sometimes this involves other steps and additional software or hardware.

The purchaser needs to make certain that the time and attendance software will adequately serve the business it is intended to serve. For example, a restaurant time and attendance software package would need the capability of tracking tips, while a manufacturing solution would have to track the time spent on the assembly line and at lunch. Other considerations that any buyer of time tracking software needs to consider include the level of support provided by the software vendor..

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